Dealing with the emotional fallout of cancer (EFT)

Breast Cancer Haven therapist Sean Grey discusses the benefits of using Emotional Freedom Technique during breast cancerRead more

"Mentally, I had reached a point where I was struggling to cope"

The constant hospital appointments, treatment, tests, results and complications began to have a major psychological impact.Read more

Running the Virgin London Marathon – my proudest achievement

Running the Virgin London Marathon 2017 to raise money for Breast Cancer Haven was the biggest challenge I have ever undertakenRead more

Everyone just understood what I’d been through

I didn’t have breast cancer any more but I’d been through this huge thing and didn’t feel the same as I used to be before it.Read more

The world looks brighter and my sparkle is returning

The diagnosis came at a time of considerable stress in my life; initially I refused to face it.Read more

Telling my family was the hardest part

Five of Janet’s aunts have had breast cancer so when she was diagnosed a few months after her sister; it sent shock waves through her whole family.Read more

At Breast Cancer Haven, people just understand

It is rare to find the words 'incredibly lucky' linked to breast cancer, but having been told that after a successful mastectomy she would need no chemotherapy or radiotherapy, lucky is exactly how Jude felt.Read more